Photographer captured stunning photos of rare frog species while on vacation in Costa Rica

While on vacation in Costa Rica, a photographer took impressive photos of a tree frog with red eyes, legs, and very good camouflage.

Red-eyed green frogs in Central America have bright colors that help camouflage among plants, and in particular, they also have the ability to jump incredibly high in the frog family.

The red-eyed green frog’s scientific name is Agalychnis callidryas. This is a frog species that commonly lives in the tropical rain forests of Central America. Pictured is a red-eyed frog in Costa Rica.

This is a colorful frog with red eyes, blue back, yellow legs and striped abdomen.

The red-eyed green frog is a species with the ability to jump incredibly high in the frog family. A frog can even jump 1.5 meters.

Red-eyed green frogs live mainly on trees and are non-poisonous. To protect themselves from predator attacks, they cannot use poison but rely entirely on camouflage.

This frog only feeds at night and rests during the day. Researchers say it is difficult to detect this species during the day because its green skin color blends with the color of the plants.

The main food of red-eyed green frogs is crickets, caterpillars, and small insects. Meanwhile, snakes, bats, spiders, and birds are predators of this frog.

Frogs mature after two years and begin mating when they are 3-4 years old. The average lifespan of this frog is 5 years.

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