Cat staff in the British Prime Minister’s residence

Famous for not liking men but “willing” to be caressed by Obama; Very good at catching mice but lazy are the characteristics of Larry the cat who lives in the Prime Minister’s palace.

After resigning, former British Prime Minister David Cameron left office at 10 Downing Street (London), making way for Mrs. Theresa May. However, Larry the cat will still stay and continue his mouse-catching mission.

Larry is no longer a stranger in the cat lover community thanks to his frequent appearances in newspapers and alongside celebrities. According to an official UK website, Larry the cat has many duties, the most important of which is dealing with rodents. “Larry spends his days welcoming guests to his home, checking security and then finding a piece of furniture to put him in for a nap,” the website reads. “Larry’s responsibility is to deal with the rats hiding in the house.”

Former British Prime Minister Cameron recruited Larry as an official employee thanks to his previous reputation as a “rat killer”. In February 2011, Larry was appointed “Chief Rat Hunter” for rescuing the house from rat infestation, and became the first cat to hold an official title from the Cabinet Office.

Besides, Larry is also an expert in maintaining special relationships. David Cameron introduced Larry the cat to US President Barack Obama during his visit to England in June 2011. According to BBC, Larry, who is famous for not liking men, was friendly and “treated well” with the US President.

Not only that, Larry also appears to be a mischievous cat and likes to be pampered. It once attacked a female reporter who was broadcasting live at 10 Downing Street, but a moment later was found lying peacefully on the girl’s lap. Larry hovered in front of photographers when David Cameron presented an award to Kevin Spacey, an American artist, for his contributions to the development of British theaters.

Although Larry is very good at catching mice, he has one major weakness: he likes to sleep and is lazy. Mr. Cameron once angrily threw a silver fork at a mouse that suddenly appeared during a meeting between him and a cabinet member. At that time, Larry the cat was sleeping nearby.

Larry the cat has a very high sovereignty when a photographer once caught Larry face to face with a sniffer dog named Bailey. Larry bared his teeth and raised his claws, growling to prevent Bailey from approaching the Prime Minister’s palace. After a while, Bailey had to leave and people kept seeing Larry patrolling outside house number 10.

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