Cat with 28 toes breaks world record

The cat named Paws has an especially large number of toes due to polydactyly.

Owner Jeanne Martin, pictured, of Northfield, Minnesota says Paws' genetic trait comes in handy for gripping onto things

Paws, the cat with 28 toes, broke the old Guinness World Record set in 2002 for the cat with the most toes, UPI reported on February 9. The owner of Paws is Jeanne Martin, living in Northfield, Minnesota, USA.

Polydactyl cats are also known as 'Hemingway cats,' in honor of the American writer who kept one at his Key West home

Cats usually have 18 toes, each front foot has 5 toes and each hind foot has 4 toes. However, Paws has an especially large number of toes due to a polydactyly, also known as polydactyl. The cat was brought from the maple syrup farm by Walter Nachtigall, Martin’s daughter’s partner.

Cats with this genetically inherited trait are most commonly found along the East Coast of North America and in South West England

“In the past, Paws loved it when I let him sit on my lap and stroke his belly. He felt safe. So when he gave birth, he brought them back to my farm and hid them in the Studebaker truck I owned. used for work,” Nachtigall shared.

The current record for the highest number of toes on a cat is 28 to which Paws has equaled . Here he is being held by CBS reporter Molly Rosenblatt

Unusually wide feet help Paws balance well on extremely narrow surfaces, Martin said. When she took him to the vet to have his nails trimmed, she always reminded them that they needed to do all 28 toes. Doctors also did not charge extra for Paws’ care despite Martin’s request.


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