Cat was chosen as the best player in the Champions League match

Bayern Munich fans chose the best cat in the second leg of the 1/8 round, instead of Thiago, Wagner or Muller.

A cat suddenly appeared on the Vodafone field, when the match on the evening of March 14 between Besiktas and Bayern was taking place in the 50th minute. According to the Daily Mail, the cat was secretly brought into the field by a home fan.

The incident caused the match to be paused for a few minutes to wait for the cat to escape. At that time, Besiktas was leading 2-0 against Bayern.

After looking around for a while, the cat jumped over the billboard and disappeared before curious eyes.

After the match, Bayern’s English account on social networks organized a vote for the Best Player of the Match award with four choices including the cat, Thiago, Wagner and Muller. As a result, the majority of fans voted for the cat.

In this match, Bayern soon took a two-goal lead thanks to Thiago (18th minute) and Gonul’s own goal (46th).

After the incident of the cat jumping onto the field, Besiktas equalized a goal in the 59th minute thanks to Vagner Love. In the 84th minute, Wagner sealed a 3-1 victory for Bayern, helping the German team win a ticket to the next round with a total score of 8-1.

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