A blind Persian cat finds love in a new home

Moet is a lovely white Persian cat who barely made it through his first few months. He became an evangelist for homeless kittens after becoming blinded by an infectious condition.

The tiny one was born on an illegal farm where the health of the animals was the last thing on his mind; most farms are focused on generating a profit rather than providing all of the care that the furry ones require.

After a few weeks, poor Moet was relocated to a pet store, where his plight only worsened; he was confined in a cramped cage with everything filthy.

For such a young cat, this was quite risky.

Moet began to exhibit all of the signs of cat flu, but no one appeared interested in assisting him.

Fortunately, the Omani Paws rescuers rescued him and rushed him to the doctor right away, where they discovered that his health condition was grave.

Emily Shotter fell completely in love with the cuddly little furry and did not think twice to welcome him into her home. Emily was in charge of giving him all the care that the blind kitten needed.

The damage to his eyes was irrevocable, and the only option to rescue him was to remove them entirely. The tiny child would be blind, but he would live and experience the love of a family.

Moet met the woman who would become his adoptive mother just a few weeks after his operation.

Not only is he safe and sound now, but he has also become a network personality.

“Moet has a wicked sense of humour. He despises boredom and won’t hesitate to squeal to get other people’s attention,” Emily joked.

Shotter began uploading photos of Moet and gained thousands of followers in a matter of months.

They decided to take advantage of the opportunity to raise awareness about the numerous challenges that animals suffer on Oman’s streets.

Because there is presently no law in Oman covering cats and dogs, the entire horror that poor Moet through is theoretically permissible.

“There are certain rules, but they only apply to agricultural animals, not pets.” The group’s work will not cease, and it will continue to assist the animals.”

Moet wrote a book to teach people how to care their dogs with the support of his humans. He also releases a new calendar with his greatest images every year.

Best of all, all profits generated from Moet merchandise are donated directly to the foundation.

Moet is a fantastic advocate who has successfully raised donations for the charity that saved his life.


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