A mischievous tabby cat interrupted a monk’s ceremony in Thailand

Wat Udomrangsi Buddhist Temple in Thailand is holding a prayer and blessing ceremony on New Year’s Eve 2021 at the end of the year.

At that time, a 25-year-old young monk was sitting on the stage concentrating on reading prayers from a book when suddenly a cat appeared on his lap, not paying attention to the lay people who were listening and observing the instructions. monks’ prayers. on the stage.

The cat jumped up and did not sit still on the young monk’s riba while asking to be petted.

While maintaining an orderly sitting position and continuing to pray, this monk opened his palm and stroked the cat without chasing it away even though it looked as if he was trying to gently push the adorable cat away. .

In the end, this monk not only naturally smiled but also continued to secretly stroke the cat with his hand. Be patient and follow along!

“Even though I tried to concentrate on praying, my attention was actually more attracted to the cat,” the monk said.

At first, he closed his eyes and clasped his hands tightly, trying to stay calm and concentrate on reading.

But on the contrary, this monk could imagine the mischievous cat circling around him when he closed his eyes, and then he couldn’t concentrate anymore because his heart was captivated by the cat wanting to pamper him. love and play with him.

The photographer who captured this funny video of the cat and the monk said the cat lay on the monk’s lap for about 15 minutes and stayed next to the monk until the countdown to the first day of the new year.

This cat was actually used to being a regular visitor at the temple and knew the young monk, so it was no wonder why they could become so close.

In addition to this cat, there are a number of other street cats who regularly come to the temple and all of them are fed and well cared for by Buddhist monks themselves.


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