Boy Scouts build shelters for stray cats during the winter

As winter weather descended on a small town, a troop of Boy Scouts took notice of the stray cats in their community struggling to find warmth and shelter. Motivated to help, the scouts came up with an innovative solution to protect the stray felines from the cold. Using large plastic storage totes, the boys engineered makeshift shelters for the cats that helped shield them from freezing temperatures and snow.

The project started when the scouts learned that the town’s stray cat population had no refuge from wintry conditions. The boys had been taught compassion and service through the Boy Scouts, so they couldn’t turn a blind eye to animals in need right in their own neighborhood. After brainstorming ways they could help, they hit upon the idea of using storage totes as shelters.

The scouts obtained a supply of large plastic totes, some with lids and others lidless. They lined the bottom of the totes with straw and cut holes in the sides for entry and exit points. For the lidless totes, they crafted small canopies using wooden sticks and tarps to prevent precipitation from getting inside. The troop then distributed the plastic tub shelters at areas around town frequented by strays.

The shelter boxes provided the street cats with a dry, insulated refuge to curl up inside when temperatures dropped and snow began falling. The scouts regularly checked up on the shelters and replenished the straw lining. Their simple but clever winterized cat houses ended up saving the lives of numerous strays that otherwise would have been exposed to the elements.

The Boy Scouts’ improvised cat shelters demonstrated quick thinking and compassion in action. Their pet project proved that with some creativity and care, dedicated youth can come up with solutions to help animals in need. The troop’s hands-on effort to assist local strays not only bettered their community, but also embodied the spirit of the Scouting program. Their lifesaving shelters kept cats warm, cozy and safe all winter long.

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