Doctors successfully saved the life of a cat that was injured by an accident and got stuck in a fan

In early January, a little kitten named Aisha was in a difficult situation. This kitten was homeless and searching for a warm place to spend the night. Eventually, she found herself in the territory of a company and climbed into a production fan. However, the machinery started up suddenly and the kitten was injured badly by the blades.

The cat was trapped in a fan, but the doctors did their best to help it recover and return to normal. - ✔

Fortunately, someone noticed the animal in time and immediately took her to a clinic. The kitten was in a very bad way; her lower jaw was completely torn off and was hanging from the skin. She had a broken temple, multiple abrasions, and internal bruises. The volunteers who helped her said that the kitten’s paws were also hurt.

Despite the severity of her injuries, the kitten remained very affectionate and was even purring as best she could. The veterinarians had to install huge staples on the kitten and sew up her muzzle with ordinary buttons. This technique, though intimidating in appearance, was the most effective in this case.

Feeding the poor kitten was a challenge. The volunteers had to use a special tube that was brought out through the cat’s neck. However, after two weeks, the feeding tube was removed, and the kitten was successfully eating on her own.

The cat was trapped in a fan, but the doctors did their best to help it recover and return to normal. - ✔

Aisha was a quick healer, and after just a week, the braces were removed from her legs. The bones had grown together correctly, so the kitten would grow up to be a full-fledged cat, without any defects!

Although Aisha remained in the clinic, she was doing well. She was eating well and actively showing interest in the world around her. We hope that this wonderful kitten will soon find a family who will protect and love her, and that she will continue to recover and thrive as she deserves.

The cat was trapped in a fan, but the doctors did their best to help it recover and return to normal. - ✔

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