Girl used birthday money to save 14 homeless kittens

When 10-year-old Lucy found out her parents had generously gifted her $100 for her upcoming birthday, she made an unusual decision. Instead of spending it on toys or treats for herself, she wanted to use the money to help some helpless creatures in need – a litter of abandoned kittens.

Lucy had seen posts on social media about 14 orphaned newborn kittens dropped off at the local animal shelter. Their eyes were still closed, they could barely crawl, and they required round-the-clock bottle feeding and attentive care. Lucy’s heart ached thinking about how fragile and hungry they must be. She knew she had to help.

After getting permission from her parents, Lucy pooled her birthday money with some added donations from family to purchase kitten formula, bottles, beds, blankets and other essentials at the pet store. Her mom drove her to the shelter to pick up all 14 kittens and get them settled at their home.

For the next several weeks, Lucy dutifully fed, cuddled and cared for the kittens – even waking up every two hours through the night for feedings. The fluffy, feisty furballs soon began thriving under Lucy’s tireless devotion. As they grew bigger and healthier, she helped find loving adoptive homes for them.

Lucy’s selfless sacrifice of her own birthday gift for the greater good is an inspiration. At a young age, she exemplified heroic compassion and generosity. Instead of thinking only of herself, she prioritized innocent lives in need. Lucy’s extraordinary kindness reminds us that we all have the power to make a positive difference, no matter how small.

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