Istanbul Honors Beloved Street Cat Tombili with Bronze Statue

Istanbul, Turkey is known for its many stray cats that roam the city’s streets. One cat named Tombili became a local celebrity and was loved by the residents of the Ziverbey neighborhood where she lived. Tombili was known for her relaxed and friendly personality as she greeted passerbys near the fish market where she would lounge on her back with her legs in the air.

Sadly, Tombili passed away in 2016 at the age of 10. The residents of Ziverbey were devastated and a petition was started to honor Tombili with a statue. The petition received thousands of signatures and the municipality approved the request.

In 2018, a life-size bronze statue of Tombili was unveiled in Ziverbey near the fish market where she used to hang out. The statue depicts Tombili sitting down with one paw raised casually. The inscription on the statue reads “You also live in our hearts, Tombili.”

The statue of Tombili has become a popular tourist attraction, with visitors stopping to take photos and pay their respects to this beloved street cat. Tombili touched many lives during her time in Istanbul and now her memory will live on forever through this bronze memorial.

The story of Tombili shows the strong human-animal bond that can form even with a street cat. She brought joy to the neighborhood and became a local legend. The statue is a testament to how animals can hold a special place in our hearts. Tombili will always be remembered in Istanbul thanks to her immortalized likeness welcoming visitors in the city she called home.

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