Mother hen adopted three orphan kittens

It’s no secret that different species of animals can get along well and create beautiful friendships, but such amazing stories never cease to amaze us anyway! The incredible bond between Kkokko the protective hen and Eno the charming calico is an amusing example. Kkokko adopted Eno when she was a smol orphaned kitten who accidentally showed up at the chicken coop, and then 8 months later Kkokko is even watching over Eno’s babies right now.

Thanks to her experience with Eno, Kkokko is doing a great job taking care of the adorable kittens. It’s been 20 days since Eno gave birth and Kkokko has always helped “incubate” these fur babies. Needless to say, the naïve kittens all adore her too.

With the help of Kkokko, Eno has plenty of free time to play around on her own since she’s still a young kitty herself who needs to have plenty of fun daily!

In fact, babysitting the kittens is not Kkokko’s only job, she also protects the whole cat family from the other three hens in the coop. Because Kkokko and the kittens already occupy the laying house, the rest of the gang hasn’t been able to lay eggs properly lately. Of course, with Kkokko guarding the house 24/7, they couldn’t do anything with these tiny kittens either.

Eventually, their owner decides to build a small house for the cat family inside the chicken coop so they don’t have to live too far from their wonderful nanny/granny Kkokko! Thankfully, the kittens have settled right into their new home and Eno seems to be really satisfied with that outcome, too.

After Eno’s family moves out, the other hens aren’t the only ones who go back to their daily habits. Kkokko starts to lay eggs again as well, isn’t it sweet?


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