Netizens are abuzz with a series of pictures of a man on the subway bottle-feeding a kitten

For many of us, it seems like not a day goes by without witnessing rude, selfish scenes that make us hate everyone. However, there are times when we meet someone who restores our faith in humanity. It happened to Gillian Rogers, a New York woman who took the subway home.

Gillian was not alone in that New York subway car, a man sat not far from her and caught her attention. In reality, this man had a small kitten wrapped in a towel on his lap and was bottle-feeding it.

That man treated that kitten with such care and affection that it touched Gillian, as she told The Dodo. The woman observed the scene for a while and then realized that she couldn’t go home without knowing more, so she approached the man to ask how he met the kitten.

Chatting for a while, the man told Gillian that he had found the kitten alone between two buildings. She could have simply ignored it and kept going, but instead, the man stopped and saved her, taking her with him and providing her with all the help she needed.

“The kitten was watching him while he was feeding her,” Gillian said. “It’s so touching. I told him ‘Thank you’.”

Arriving at her stop, Gillian said goodbye to the man and got off the train, only to realize that he hadn’t even asked his name. Although they greeted each other as strangers, Gillian was very grateful to have met such a kind and sensitive person, and a feeling of happiness always accompanied her in the days that followed.

Gillian especially appreciated that man’s kindness because she was the founder of Pet Rescue Squad Inc. , an organization of people who dedicate their lives to helping animals in need and finding them a home.

After photos of that encounter posted on Facebook went viral, the woman noticed people’s reactions and realized that a stranger’s selfless act could actually have an impact. impact the whole world.

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