Rescuers rescued the fat cat after nine days stuck on a power pole

Fat Boy the cat has finally been rescued from a 45-foot power pole after utility workers were forced to cut electricity to 250 homes.

The black and white, big-boned feline had been stuck atop the pole for nine days before crews were able to get him safely back to his owner.

Linemen from Pacific Gas and Electric Co in Fresno retrieved Fat Boy.

Andrew Perez was reunited with his cat, Fat Boy, after a Pacific Gas and Electric Co crew rescued the feline from atop a 45-foot power pole in Fresno

The black and white, big-boned feline had been stuck atop the pole for nine days before crews (pictured) were able to get him down safely. Fat Boy was reported to be in good health despite being drenched with rain.

The adorable cat’s owner, 14-year-old Andrew Perez, says his feline friend probably climbed the pole after being scared by a dog.

He says he had called several agencies for help to no avail.

Fat Boy the Cat Rescued After Spending 9 Days Stuck on Power Pole!

Local tree services also had declined to help, but Silver Villa of nonprofit Paw Lives Matter says she made sure someone helped Fat Boy.

She says the cat is in pretty good health despite staying perched on the power pole for more than a week without food or water.

Fat Boy the Cat Rescued After Spending 9 Days Stuck on Power Pole!

The area also got rain showers and strong winds.

Villa injected Fat Boy with fluids after he was rescued.

Silver Villa (trái) và Kathleen Johnson (phải), của All Paws Matter, đã cho Fat Boy uống nước và vitamin sau khi cậu bé được cứu khỏi cột đèn hôm thứ Ba 

Silver Villa (left) and Kathleen Johnson (right), of All Paws Matter, gave Fat Boy, fluids and vitamins after he was rescued from the light pole

Giờ đây, Fat Boy (trong ảnh) đang thư giãn sau hơn một tuần khó xử 

Now, Fat Boy (pictured) is relaxing after his more than a week-long dilemma

She said he immediately began eating and appeared healthy.

PG&E spokesman Denny Boyles says power on the 1,200-volt line was cut off, leaving the 250 homes without power for a few hours.

‘Sometimes we wait out cats on poles,’ Boyles told the Fresno Bee, adding that ’99 per cent of the time, cats come down on their own’.

‘In this case, it’s been up there that long, we just made the decision to go ahead and go up there.’

The PG&E workers also installed animal-deterrent plastic to prevent Fat Boy or other animals from climbing the pole.

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