The cat moved in with the couple after they rescued him

A kitten who was found stuck in a tree, decided to move in with the couple that helped him.

Ashley Pennington was out walking her dog when she heard a little meow from her surroundings. She looked around trying to locate the source of the sound but couldn’t find anything.

A few minutes after she got home, the meowing resumed and got even louder. “I was a little concerned that a cat was in the crawl space, so I went back outside and eventually found a kitten hanging out in a tree,” Ashley shared with Love Meow.

Ashley carefully helped the kitten down from the tree, and thought that was it. The tabby boy walked up to her, rubbed against her legs, and decided to hang out around her house.

When the kitten saw the resident dog, Otis (who loves cats), in the yard and the opened door, he made a dash into the house.

“My husband was asleep (at the time) and I knew he wouldn’t want another pet inside, so I got on Facebook and walked around the neighborhood to see if anyone was missing him,” Ashley told Love Meow.

The orange tabby ran around the kitchen and living room and ended up making biscuits (kneading) on Ashley’s lap.

“My husband finally woke up and I said, ‘so we have a problem.’ I took him to the garage where the kitten was, and (the kitten) just walked right in like he owned the place.”

The husband wasn’t so sure about the little newcomer and suggested calling the shelter. He didn’t want another pet, or so he thought.

“About 20 minutes went by and my husband was outside playing with the kitty. ‘I’m going to call you Kevin,’ he said,” Ashley shared with Love Meow.

The sweet tabby quickly won over his human friend and crawled onto his lap for a nap. He was so comfortable with the couple as if he knew he was home.

“The next day I called the shelter and let them know what he looked like, and to call me if anyone had lost him. No one claimed him and the neighbors didn’t, either.”

They officially made Kevin a permanent part of their family and found themselves a cuddle buddy purring loudly in their arms.

“He and our dog Otis absolutely love each other and we’re so happy to have him around. Even when he’s loaded up with energy, destroying curtains and doing Parkour,” Ashley shared.

“He loves to cuddle and being in the window, and looking outside.”

The former stray has blossomed into a handsome tabby cat with a larger-than-life personality. He is a cardboard box aficionado and will claim any boxes within his proximity.

He’d lie on a pizza box, fit himself into a tiny box or turn a package into a kitty cave.


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