The cat ran away from home for 3 days, when he returned with a debt that made the owner laugh and cry

Compared to dogs, cats are much cooler and more cocky. However, despite the differences in the way they show affection, they all make the “lotus” ready to serve, patiently care, and love wholeheartedly.

Recently, a young Thai man had to stand up… to bear the debt for his cat. Specifically, this “roof” has left home for 3 days. When he returned, he brought a “super huge” debt hanging around his neck.

The sign was a message from the owner of a nearby mackerel shop that read: “Your cat kept staring at the mackerel in my shop, so I gave him 3 fish. Signed: Aunt May in alley 2, phone number 085 1237xx”.

“The lotus” then went to Aunt May to pay the debt on her behalf and thanked her for taking care of her cat.

This story, after being shared on Facebook, has attracted a lot of people’s attention. Users have made many humorous comments around this funny situation.

Some even expressed doubts, is it possible that “His Majesty” only returns home because the debt cannot be paid?
“His Majesty” after 3 days of leaving the bush and coming home with a … difficult face begging for help “the lotus”: “Mom, please give it to me. Mackerel is very delicious” – cat said.

In addition, everyone also praised Aunt May’s kindness as well as the uncomfortable expression of the fluffy cat.

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