The extraordinary journey of Sally, the cat mermaid

When a prospective pet owner is on the lookout for a new pet, a deaf cat or three-legged dog probably isn’t what they’re searching for. The truth is, life with a disabled pet can be just as rewarding, if not more so, than with that “perfect” puppy or kitten.

Therefore, we think its fair to note that the said pets who require work, patience and intensive attention to their unique health care needs are not for everyone and it’s not easy when it comes to taking care of them. Unfortunately, disabled pets aren’t adopted very often, if at all. By bringing home a disabled pet, you will not only be saving a life, you’ll be reaping all of the wonderful health, social, and psychological benefits associated with living with a pet!

Today, we’d like for you to meet Sally the mermaid cat who is living her best life despite the fact that she can’t move her lower body from the waist down.

Meet Sally, a sweet 8-year-old cat who is paralyzed from the waist down

“I was there talking to a friend and at first, I thought she was dead since she wasn’t moving. At some point, I saw her arms move so I rushed over and realized she was alive. I grabbed her and took her to a vet. They did some x-rays on her and realized she had a hunting bullet stuck in her neck, and told us that she would probably never walk again.”

“I found Sally about 8 years ago laying on the ground at a park,” said Sally’s owner Janez Jeretič

“I took her to a vet. They did some x-rays on her and realized she had a hunting bullet stuck in her neck, and told us that she would probably never walk again”

“Sally is paraplegic due to a bullet in her neck, this prevents her from feeling or moving her back legs and part of her back”

However, none of that stops the sweet kitty from living her best life as a house cat and a mermaid

Here’s a little video showing Sally in action:

“I got the idea of giving her a mermaid costume after some friends of mine who visited me saw Sally and were a little creeped out by how she couldn’t walk”

“She doesn’t feel it at all, but since it’s made from this fuzzy material it helps her keep the warmth in her body”

“I wanted people to see Sally the same way I see her, as this beautiful magical creature who has suffered a lot but is now very happy with her life”

“I have to make sure I empty her bladder manually at least three times a day and make sure she has room to move around on her own without getting stuck. So yeah, it is a lot of responsibility and work but the reward of seeing her happy, of hearing her purr when we cuddle, and of seeing her ‘running’ around the house to her favorite sunbathing spots makes it all worth it.”

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