The mother cat brought her newborn kitten to the hospital to ask for help from the doctor

A cat has melted hearts after walking into a hospital carrying her kittens, seeking medical attention. And the staff rushed to help them

The best part is that someone also recorded what was happening in the hospital in the Karabaglar district in Izmir, Turkey, allowing the entire world to see the concerned, loving mom taking care of her newborns.

In the video, you can see people stepping aside to allow the cat through the building, with some urging others to move out of the way as well.

A mother cat carried her kittens into a hospital in Izmir, Turkey, looking for help

One of the newborns was suffering from an eye infection and couldn’t open one eye

The hospital staff already knew the mother as they had left food and water out for the animal before

After examining the kittens, doctors and nurses realized the animals were suffering from an eye infection. They contacted a veterinary clinic to make sure they treat the animals correctly.

Additional video clips recorded by members of staff at the hospital in Turkey showed the kittens sitting in a box while a health worker talked to them.

They also showed a nurse applying eye drops to help treat the kitten’s infection. Speaking to local media, one of the health workers said: “We were giving food and water to the mother cat living on the street with other people living in this area. However, we did not know that she gave birth to kittens.”

The entire family got the assistance they needed.

“As we began to receive patients in the morning, she showed up with her kittens. She asked for help, meowing for a long time. We were shocked,” the worker added.

“Upon careful examination, we saw that the kittens were not able to open their eyes due to infection. We consulted with veterinarians and gave medicine as described. When the kittens opened their eyes a short time later, we were thrilled.”

“Later, we sent the mother cat and kittens to Uzundere for further care. This is the first time something like this has happened to us. We were emotional and delighted to see that they recovered well.”

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