This loyal cat insists on escorting his 7 year old sister to the bus stop every day

When Jessica’s Leatherman’s 7-year-old daughter started first grade this year, she also began to wait for the school bus. But she wasn’t alone, at the bus stop.

The Leatherman family adopted the cute black and white cat in 2019, and since then, Craig is an important part of the family, actually he fit right in with everyone.

According to the family he is a very calm cat, and he doesn’t react to sounds like thunder and similar things to that. But he is not an angel, if you don’t pay attention to him, he will get in trouble.

The rescued cat has a special bond with the little girl of the family. So he noticed her new morning routine, as she started school. Craig started meowing when she was leaving to take the bus. One day the parents decided to let the door open.

At first they thought the cat would hang out with them, but Craig followed the little girl to the bus stop.

Since then, Craig had taken this really seriously, so he takes his little sister every morning to the bus stop.

The parents say “He’s given himself the job. I don’t know why but it’s super sweet.”


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