Unique ‘Werewolf’ kittens created by a skillful breeder

Lykoi cats have become renowned for their resemblance to miniature werewolves, with their sparse fur coats and big eyes. These cats are a unique and rare breed, first bred in 2011, and typically sold for approximately £2,000 per kitten. Despite their werewolf appearance, Lykoi cats are affectionate towards their owners and require plenty of food due to their high activity levels. Dorota Strychar, from Legnica, Poland, is the country’s first Lykoi cat breeder and has been breeding these cats since late 2017. With four adult cats and six kittens, she has gained a vast online following after posting viral photos of her adorable litters. The name “Lykoi” means wolves in Greek, reflecting the breed’s active nature and their partial hairlessness that resulted from a natural mutation in a pair of domestic shorthair cats that each carried a hairless gene. This new breed was developed in Tennessee in 2011.

The Lykoi cat is quite popular due to its unique appearance. They have only some hair covering their body and are often compared to werewolves. However, these cats are quite expensive, with a price tag of around £2,000 per kitten.

In 2011, the US saw the creation of Lykoi cats. These felines were then officially recognised as a breed by The International Cat Association just a year later in 2012.

Cats have a reputation for being energetic and requiring a significant amount of care and sustenance from their caregivers.

Meet Dorota Strychar, a 36-year-old resident of Legnica, Poland. She proudly claims to be the sole breeder of Lykoi cats in her country. Dorota’s feline family comprises four adult cats and six adorable kittens.

Lykoi cats possess a charming look, which is the result of a natural genetic mutation from a pair of domestic shorthair felines. These cats comprise a fresh breed and were initially discovered in Tennessee back in 2011.

A lot of people have observed that the cats bear a close resemblance to the sphynx species, but with a bit more fur.

The Lykoi cats are not categorized as a designer breed unlike other cats that are created by breeding two different pedigreed breeds. They are actually a natural mutation that spontaneously appeared in the feline community.

Lykoi cats have a reputation for shedding their wiry fur occasionally. Their label as ‘Lykoi’ was coined during the breeding initiative launched in 2011.

Cats are recognized for their lively and active nature, and they love to play around.

Dorota Strychar’s feline photographs have amassed a massive following from all corners of the globe. The breeder of “werewolf” cats recently shared images of her cute kittens that resemble frightening creatures of the dark. Share or leave a comment on this piece.

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