Woman finds sick kitten lying in the middle of the road while driving

A driver spotted a ball of fur on the road. It turned out to be a kitten needing help. In one day, his life completely changed.


Marie was driving when she spotted a ball of fur in the middle of the road. She was shocked to find out that it was a kitten. He was all alone and petrified by the moving cars.

“The kitten was so afraid that he was stuck there while other cars continued to pass him by,” Celine Crom of Chatons Orphelins Montreal shared.

Knowing that the kitten was at risk of getting hit by incoming traffic, Marie leapt into action.

He was found in the middle of the road and rescued by kind people@comrescuemontreal

“She immediately turned around and activated her hazard lights. She stopped her vehicle and tried to get to the kitten.”

Other cars behind her also came to a halt as the drivers noticed what was going on. When the kitten saw Marie, he was frightened and promptly took flight.


A gentleman pulled over his car to offer his assistance. He joined forces with Marie, and they were able to corral the weary kitten and bring him to safety.

“The kitten was over one month old, sickly and thin. He was hungry and completely exhausted. Above all, his eyes were in a sorry state.”

He was sickly, thin and very tired@comrescuemontreal

A couple of rescue volunteers learned about his plight and offered to take him in to care for him.

He was very congested and couldn’t smell very well due to his sickness. He was hand-fed a morsel, and once he realized it was food, he scarfed down the rest of it by himself.

Once he realized it was food, he started eating from the dish on his own@comrescuemontreal

It took a village, but the tabby was finally indoors, treated for an eye infection, stomach issues, and given supportive care to help him heal.

“He was named Batistt. He started to put on weight and regain strength. He seemed to know that he was safe and warmed up to his people quickly.”

He looked like a new kitten when he returned to the vet@comrescuemontreal

When he returned to the vet’s office, he looked like a different kitten with big clear eyes, a shiny coat and so much energy.

Batistt made a full recovery and really filled out. When he arrived at his new foster home, he settled in instantly. He explored around the place and was eager to have a friend to play with.

Batistt loves to tuck himself under a blanket with a toy@comrescuemontreal

“He immediately went up to greet the resident cats and wanted to be friends with everyone. He is very comfortable with his humans and loves being spoiled by them.”

Batistt hopped into a resident cat’s bed and decided to take a nap.

He jumped into a resident cat’s bed by the window and fell asleep@comrescuemontreal

The tabby boy has become much more confident since he was found. “He loves his new life where he can do whatever he wants.”

He has a collection of toys that he is very fond of. He likes to grapple with them when he practices his prowess, and wrap his arms around them when he naps.

He has many toys to play and cuddle with@comrescuemontreal

“Batistt is very playful and always on the go, running around the house, climbing cat trees. Everything seems fun to him,” Celine added.

“He will purr whenever he’s cuddled and likes to be babied.”

He loves to be held and babied@comrescuemontreal

Batistt looks up to the house cats and follows them around, trying to imitate what they do. When he tires out from all the romping around, he will curl up in his fluffy bed and nap alongside his trusty toys.

“He was so lucky to have been rescued from the road. He’s now ready to find a family that will love and spoil him endlessly.”



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